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Baja Traverse 3-day ULTRA TRAIL RUN
FEB 2-4, 2024

Sea to Sierra to Sea • Baja California Sur, Mexico US $1,050

3 Days. 2 National Parks. 1 Epic Adventure.

  • Reviews 75 Reviews
  • Adventure Style Adult Group
    Trail Trek
  • Activity Level Ultra tough
  • Date FEB 2-4, 2024
    Baja, Mexico

(Limited to 50 participants)

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The Baja Traverse 3 Day Ultra Trail Run

The Baja Traverse 3-day 140 km Ultra Trail trek is a coast-to-coast journey from Cabo Pulmo National Marine Par on the Sea of Cortes side of the Baja California Peninsula to the town of Todos Santos on the Pacific side.

You will spend 3 days trail running and 2 nights camping. You will run trails through deserts valleys and mountains across pristine parts of the Baja California peninsula. You will test your endurance. You will also gain a deep appreciation for the natural beautify of one of Mexico´s most isolated regions.

The Baja Traverse team will host and guide you through this magnificent running experience.

The Ultra Trail inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What´s included in this adventure
  • Scheduled bus shuttle to/from the airport and hotels.
  • Welcome dinner on the night before the run.
  • 3 days and 2 nights of supported ultra-run across the Baja peninsula.
  • Meals and drinks during the 3 day event starting with breakfast on day 1 and ending with breakfast on day 3.
  • Route support including luggage transport and hydration stations every 10-15 km.
  • Individual tents and pads set up and broken down for you at our camp sites.
  • A daily program to enjoy traditional local culture and environment.
  • Closure beach ceremony including awards and a free drink. Lunch on your own.
  • Event t-shirt and finisher’s medal.
What´s not included
  • Hotel lodging is not included.
  • Upon full payment, we will reserve your hotel room Hotel & Spa Buena Vista in Buena Vista, Baja California.
What to bring
  • Running gear (poles, hats, sunscreen, light running jacket, hydration pack, headlamp)
  • Sleeping bag for zero degrees Celsius night temperature. Ultralight pad.
  • For camping, your toiletries and a small towel..
  1. TRAIL DAY 1

    Start | Cabo Pulmo
    Distance | 73 kilometers | 45.3 miles | mild hills
    Elevation gain | 600 meter | 1969 feet
    (Short distance option | 25 kilometers | 15.5 miles)
    End | Sierra La Laguna Camp 1

    Cabo Pulmo is a small town on the southeast coast of the Baja Peninsula, about an hour from San Jose del Cabo and two hours from La Paz.

    Cabo Pulmo Marine National Park is a beautiful marine protected area that attracts lovers of water sports and activities, especially those who enjoy snorkeling and diving. The mixing of warm and cold waters results in the perfect ecosystem for marine life, and the Sea of Cortez is inhabited by a large concentration of species, including more than 220 types of fish, coral, seaweed, dolphins, sea lions, humpback whales and sea turtles.

    After an early breakfast, we will transport you from Cabo Pulmo to the starting line at Los Frailes Beach. From here, you will travel on your own feet for the next 3 days to the other side of the Baja Peninsula, crossing desert, sierra and pine forest until reaching the Pacific coast.

    On day 1 our crew will take your luggage to Camp 1.

    This section of the run crosses the beautiful small mountains of La Trinidad along sandy dirt roads used by the legendary baja rancheros to take their products to bigger villages. You will enjoy great views of the Sea of Cortez.

    After 55 km of terrain, you will arrive in Santiago, a lovely traditional town with a unique live oasis surrounded by mango and citrus orchards for a great lunch and mango smoothies. In the late afternoon you will continue for another 18 km climbing gently towards the foothills of the Biosphere Reserve Sierra La Laguna where Camp 1 will be located on a traditional ranch.

    Flush toilets, cool showers, individual tents and comfortable sleeping pads will be ready for you. Enjoy a well-earned fantastic dinner with margaritas, beer and wine, a glimpse into the local rural culture, and a campfire to share stories of the day.

  2. TRAIL DAY 2

    Start | Sierra La Laguna Camp 1
    Distance | 46 kilometers | 28.6 miles | steep climb, short descent
    Elevation gain | 2000+ meters | 6500+ feet
    Short distance option | 40 kilometers | 24.8 miles
    End | Sierra La Laguna Camp 2

    The Sierra de la Laguna is one of the most beautiful and least-explored areas of the peninsula. UNESCO designated the 11,600 hectares of this mountain range a biosphere reserve in 1994. There are more than 900 plant species in the sierra, ranging from cacti to palms, and over 20 percent are endemic to the peninsula. As a microclimate, the Sierra de la Laguna receives far more rainfall than any other part of the peninsula, providing a drastic change in scenery from the desert below. The highest peak in the range, Picacho de la Laguna (elev. 2,161 m), is also the highest peak in all of Baja California Sur.

    Day 2 continues on a dirt road for the first 5 km then enters the beautiful trail. This is the main part of the event – the sierra crossing – 40 km of single track trail through the rugged, isolated and pristine Biosphere Reserve, from Sonoran desert to evergreen forest of oak and pine.

    Starting at 500 m you will go up and down until reaching the highest peak at 2,161 m, with great simultaneous views of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Sea. Then steep down again back to cacti and Sonoran desert at 500 m. This stage ends at the base of the sierra, now on the west side where Camp 2 will be ready for you with great food, margaritas, beer and wine, some local culture, a cozy campfire, toilets, cool showers and amazing stars.

    Enjoy the traditional baja grill with beef barbecue or stay vegan at the salad and pasta bar.

  3. TRAIL DAY 3

    Start | Sierra La Laguna Camp 2

    Distance | 26 kilometers | 15.5 miles | downhill

    Elevation | 450 meters | 1500 feet

    Short distance option | 26 kilometers | 16.1 miles

    End | Todos Santos

    Todos Santos is a small coastal town located very near the Tropic of Cancer on the Pacific coast side of the Baja California Peninsula. It is known for it’s nearby surf breaks and cobblestone streets lined with tiny artisan shops and refurbished haciendas. The area is so enchanting that the Mexican government designated Todos Santos a Pueblo Mágico — one of just 100 or so small towns honored for its natural beauty, cultural riches, or historical relevance.

    Early morning you will leave camp at the foothills of the Sierra and run the final 26 km to the Pacific Sea through cactus forest on a dirt road, mostly flat. You will arrive to the Pacific beach where we will have a closure party with drinks, music and a great lunch. We will then take you to your hotel at Todos Santos for a good rest.

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(Limited to 50 participants)